ORK Framework  2.34.0
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ORKFramework.AI.AIBehaviour Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ORKFramework.AI.AIBehaviour:
ORKFramework.BaseLanguageData ORKFramework.IContent ORKFramework.IPortraitContent ORKFramework.BaseIndexData ORKFramework.IContentSimple ORKFramework.IContentSimple ORKFramework.BaseData ORKFramework.IBaseData

Public Member Functions

 AIBehaviour (string name)
override void SetData (DataObject data)
 Sets the variables of the class using a ORKFramework.DataObject. More...
bool CanEquip (Combatant user)
bool CheckRequirements (Combatant user)
BaseAction GetAction (BattleAICall call)
bool ChangeMoveAI (Combatant user)
override string GetIconTextCode ()
IContentSimple GetTypeContent ()
string GetInfo (Combatant c)
IPortrait GetPortrait (int typeID)
string FormatQuantity (int value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ORKFramework.BaseLanguageData
 BaseLanguageData (string name)
void SetLanguageName (string name)
virtual string GetName ()
virtual string GetShortName ()
virtual string GetDescription ()
virtual Texture GetIcon ()
virtual GUIContent GetContent ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ORKFramework.BaseData
virtual DataObject GetData ()
 Gets a ORKFramework.DataObject representing the class. More...
virtual void EditorAutoSetup (string fieldName)
 Called for all fields using the autoSetup option of the ORKFramework.ORKEditorLayoutAttribute. More...

Public Attributes

int typeID = 0
bool useQuantity = false
float sympathyChange = 0
FloatValue chanceValue = new FloatValue(100)
bool ownNumberFormat = false
string quantityFormat = "0"
ItemPrefabSettings prefabSettings = new ItemPrefabSettings()
PriceSettings price = new PriceSettings()
bool moveAIChangeOnUse = false
MoveAIChange moveAIChange = new MoveAIChange()
bool singleEquip = true
bool useEquipRequirements = false
bool autoUnequip = false
SimpleCombatantRequirement equipRequirement
bool useUserRequirements = false
SimpleCombatantRequirement userRequirement
bool ownNotifications = false
AINotification addedNotification
AINotification removedNotification
bool ownConsoleAdd = false
ConsoleTextAI consoleAdd
bool ownConsoleRemove = false
ConsoleTextAI consoleRemove
TypePrefabViewPortrait [] portrait = new TypePrefabViewPortrait[0]
BattleAISelection [] battleAI = new BattleAISelection[0]
- Public Attributes inherited from ORKFramework.BaseLanguageData
LanguageContent [] languageInfo


int TypeID [get]
int ItemTypeID [get]
- Properties inherited from ORKFramework.BaseLanguageData
virtual int ID [get]
- Properties inherited from ORKFramework.BaseIndexData
virtual int RealID [get, set]
- Properties inherited from ORKFramework.IContentSimple
int ID [get]
- Properties inherited from ORKFramework.IContent
int TypeID [get]

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from ORKFramework.BaseIndexData
int realID = 0

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetData()

override void ORKFramework.AI.AIBehaviour.SetData ( DataObject  data)

Sets the variables of the class using a ORKFramework.DataObject.

dataORKFramework.DataObject containing the data.

Reimplemented from ORKFramework.BaseData.