ORK Framework  2.26.1
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ORKFramework.Behaviours.MoveAIComponent Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ORKFramework.Behaviours.MoveAIComponent:

Public Member Functions

void ChangeMoveAI (int moveID)
 Changes the used move AI. More...
bool CanUse ()
 Checks if the move AI can be used. More...
void GroupChanged (Combatant combatant)
void LeaderChanged (Combatant oldLeader, Combatant newLeader)
bool IsTargetLost ()
bool IsInMoveRange ()
bool IsOutOfMoveRange ()
void SetMode (MoveAIMode mode)
bool SetActionTarget (BaseAction action)
bool ReachedActionTarget ()
void ActionFinished (List< Combatant > targets)
void DamagedBy (Combatant combatant)
bool IsTarget (Combatant target)
void SetTarget (Combatant target, MoveAIMode mode)
void SetTarget (GameObject target, MoveAIMode mode)
void ClearTarget (bool remember)
void UpdateTargetPosition (bool force)
void SetMovePosition (Vector3 position)
void Stop ()
void CheckStuck ()
void EventEnded ()
void DontDestroy ()
void OnSceneLoaded ()
void SetWaypoints (GameObject[] wp, bool randomOrder)
void SetWaypoints (List< GameObject > wp, bool randomOrder)
void ClearWaypoints ()

Public Attributes

int originalMoveID = 0
MoveAISetting settings
MoveAIUseMode useMode = MoveAIUseMode.Auto
MoveAIMode mode = MoveAIMode.Idle
bool blocked = false
Vector3 startPosition = Vector3.zero
float detectionTimeout = -1
float targetPosTimeout = -1
float targetLostTimeout = -1
float fleeTimeout = -1
MoveAIMode lastMode = MoveAIMode.Idle
Vector3 movePosition = Vector3.zero

Protected Member Functions

void OnDrawGizmosSelected ()
void Start ()
void OnDestroy ()
void Update ()


Combatant Combatant [get, set]
Combatant FollowLeaderCombatant [get, set]
Range HuntStopRange [get]
Range CautionStopRange [get]
GameObject TargetObject [get]
Combatant TargetCombatant [get]
List< CombatantDetectedTargets [get]
GameObject GameObject [get]
- Properties inherited from ORKFramework.Events.IEventStarter
GameObject GameObject [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ CanUse()

bool ORKFramework.Behaviours.MoveAIComponent.CanUse ( )

Checks if the move AI can be used.

true if the move AI can be used, otherwise false.

◆ ChangeMoveAI()

void ORKFramework.Behaviours.MoveAIComponent.ChangeMoveAI ( int  moveID)

Changes the used move AI.

moveIDThe ID of the move AI that will be used.