ORK Framework  2.23.0
API Documentation
ORKFramework.ChoiceIconSettings Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ORKFramework.ChoiceIconSettings:
ORKFramework.BaseData ORKFramework.IBaseData

Public Member Functions

void Show (Rect choiceRect, Vector2 fadePos)
void Tick (float t, ref bool fadingBack, ref Vector2 fadePos, ref float time)
RectTransform CreateObject (GameObject parent)
void SetObjectPosition (RectTransform iconObject, Vector2 fadePos, Rect buttonBounds, Rect contentBounds, float scroll, bool isFocused)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ORKFramework.BaseData
virtual DataObject GetData ()
 Gets a ORKFramework.DataObject representing the class. More...
virtual void SetData (DataObject data)
 Sets the variables of the class using a ORKFramework.DataObject. More...
virtual void EditorAutoSetup (string fieldName)
 Called for all fields using the autoSetup option of the ORKFramework.ORKEditorLayoutAttribute. More...

Public Attributes

Texture icon
TextAnchor anchor = TextAnchor.MiddleCenter
TextAnchor choiceAnchor = TextAnchor.MiddleLeft
bool showUnfocused = false
Vector2 offset = Vector2.zero
bool fadePosition = false
Vector2 fadeOffset = Vector2.zero
float fadeTime = 1
EaseType interpolate = EaseType.Linear
EaseType interpolateBack = EaseType.Linear