ORK Framework  2.24.0
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ORKFramework.CombatantGainsText Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ORKFramework.CombatantGainsText:
ORKFramework.BaseData ORKFramework.IBaseData

Public Member Functions

void GetDialogueContent (Combatant combatant, out string title, out IPortrait portrait, out CombatantHUDWrapper hud)
string GetGainText (Combatant combatant, string expGains, string statusValueGains, string levelUpText, bool isLevelUp)
string GetExperienceText (Combatant combatant, int statusID, int change, int oldValue, int newValue)
string GetNormalStatusValueText (Combatant combatant, int statusID, int change, int oldValue, int newValue, int oldBaseValue, int newBaseValue)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ORKFramework.BaseData
virtual DataObject GetData ()
 Gets a ORKFramework.DataObject representing the class. More...
virtual void SetData (DataObject data)
 Sets the variables of the class using a ORKFramework.DataObject. More...
virtual void EditorAutoSetup (string fieldName)
 Called for all fields using the autoSetup option of the ORKFramework.ORKEditorLayoutAttribute. More...

Public Attributes

bool showGains = false
bool combineLevelUps = false
int guiBoxID = 0
bool useTitle = false
string[] title
bool showPortrait = false
int portraitType = 0
bool useHUD = false
int hudID = 0
HUDWrapperPlacement hudPlacement = HUDWrapperPlacement.IgnoreContent
string[] gainText = ArrayHelper.CreateArray(ORK.Languages.Count, "%cn:\n%e\n%n")
string[] gainLevelUpText = ArrayHelper.CreateArray(ORK.Languages.Count, "%cn:\n%e\n%n\n\n%lvl")
string[] experienceText = ArrayHelper.CreateArray(ORK.Languages.Count, "Received % %n!")
string[] normalSVText = ArrayHelper.CreateArray(ORK.Languages.Count, "Received % %n!")