ORK Framework  2.27.1
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ORKFramework.Combatants.BattleStatisticSettings Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ORKFramework.Combatants.BattleStatisticSettings:
ORKFramework.BaseData ORKFramework.IBaseData

Public Member Functions

void CollectStatusValue (Combatant user, Combatant target, int statusID, int change)
 Collects status value changes on user (give) and target (receive) statistics. More...
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virtual DataObject GetData ()
 Gets a ORKFramework.DataObject representing the class. More...
virtual void SetData (DataObject data)
 Sets the variables of the class using a ORKFramework.DataObject. More...
virtual void EditorAutoSetup (string fieldName)
 Called for all fields using the autoSetup option of the ORKFramework.ORKEditorLayoutAttribute. More...

Public Attributes

bool useStatictics = false
bool usePerCombatant = false
bool battleReset = true
StatusValueStatisticSettings [] statusValue = new StatusValueStatisticSettings[0]

Member Function Documentation

◆ CollectStatusValue()

void ORKFramework.Combatants.BattleStatisticSettings.CollectStatusValue ( Combatant  user,
Combatant  target,
int  statusID,
int  change 

Collects status value changes on user (give) and target (receive) statistics.

userThe user, giving the change.
targetThe target, receiving the change.
changeThe change value.