ORK Framework  2.27.1
API Documentation
ORKFramework.ConsoleSettings Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ORKFramework.ConsoleSettings:
ORKFramework.BaseSettings ORKFramework.CoreSettings ORKFramework.IBaseData

Public Member Functions

 ConsoleSettings (ORKProjectAsset project)
override void SetRealIDs ()
 Sets the RealID values (indexes). More...
override void SetData (DataObject data)
 Sets the variables of the class using a ORKFramework.DataObject. More...
override string GetName (int index)
 Gets the name of a data. More...
override string [] GetNames (bool addIndex)
 Gets a list of names of all data. More...
override int Add ()
 Adds new data. More...
override int Copy (int index)
 Creates a copy of the data with the specified index. More...
override void Remove (int index)
 Removes the data with the specified index. More...
override void Move (int index, bool down)
 Moves the data with the specified index. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ORKFramework.BaseSettings
override void DataAdded (ORKDataType type, int index)
 Automatic data updated function when adding new data. More...
override void DataRemoved (ORKDataType type, int index, int index2)
 Automatic data update function when removing data. More...
override void DataMoved (ORKDataType type, bool down, int index, int index2)
 Automatic data update function when moving data. More...
override void DataLoaded ()
 Called after loading the project data of all settings. Handles final data checks. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ORKFramework.CoreSettings
virtual void LoadProject (ORKProjectAsset project)
 Loads the settings found in the ORK Project asset. More...
virtual void GetSaveData (ref Dictionary< string, ORKDataFile > list, bool encrypt)
 Gets the save data. More...
virtual void GetLoadData (ref Dictionary< string, ORKDataFile > list, ORKProjectAsset project)
 Gets the load data from the ORK Project asset. More...
virtual void GetGameVariables (ref List< string > list)
 Gets the game variables found in this settings. More...
virtual DataObject GetData ()
 Gets a ORKFramework.DataObject representing the class. More...
virtual void EditorAutoSetup (string fieldName)
 Called for all fields using the autoSetup option of the ORKFramework.ORKEditorLayoutAttribute. More...
void SetRealIDs (BaseIndexData[] d)
 Sets the RealID values (indexes) of the data. More...

Public Attributes

bool useConsole = false
bool unityConsole = false
int maxLines = 50
bool autoRemoveLines = false
float autoRemoveEvery = 3
bool useCombatantConsoles = false
int maxLinesCombatant = 30
string [] beforeLineText = ArrayHelper.CreateArray(ORK.Languages.Count, "")
string [] afterLineText = ArrayHelper.CreateArray(ORK.Languages.Count, "")
bool displayActions = true
ConsoleRange actionRange = new ConsoleRange()
bool ownActionTargetNames = false
CombatantNamesDisplay actionTargetNames = new CombatantNamesDisplay()
StatusValueChangeDisplay actionStatusValueChanges = new StatusValueChangeDisplay()
ConsoleTextActionPreview actionAddAbility = new ConsoleTextActionPreview(false)
ConsoleTextActionPreview actionAddItem = new ConsoleTextActionPreview(false)
ConsoleTextActionSimple actionAddDefend = new ConsoleTextActionSimple(false)
ConsoleTextActionSimple actionAddEscape = new ConsoleTextActionSimple(false)
ConsoleTextActionSimple actionAddDeath = new ConsoleTextActionSimple(false)
ConsoleTextActionSimple actionAddNone = new ConsoleTextActionSimple(false)
ConsoleTextActionSingle actionAddChangeMember = new ConsoleTextActionSingle(false)
ConsoleTextActionSimple actionAddJoinBattle = new ConsoleTextActionSimple(false)
ConsoleTextActionSimple actionAddGridMove = new ConsoleTextActionSimple(false)
ConsoleTextActionPreview actionAbility = new ConsoleTextActionPreview("%un uses %n on %tn.")
ConsoleTextActionPreview actionCast = new ConsoleTextActionPreview("%un casts %n.")
ConsoleTextActionPreview actionCastCancel = new ConsoleTextActionPreview("%un cancels casting %n.")
ConsoleTextActionPreview actionItem = new ConsoleTextActionPreview("%un uses %n on %tn.")
ConsoleTextActionSimple actionDefend = new ConsoleTextActionSimple("%un defends himself.")
ConsoleTextActionSimple actionEscape = new ConsoleTextActionSimple("%un tries to escape.")
ConsoleTextActionSimple actionDeath = new ConsoleTextActionSimple("%un dies.")
ConsoleTextActionSimple actionNone = new ConsoleTextActionSimple("%un does nothing.")
ConsoleTextActionSingle actionChangeMember = new ConsoleTextActionSingle("%un is exchanged for %tn.")
ConsoleTextActionSimple actionJoinBattle = new ConsoleTextActionSimple("%un joins the battle.")
ConsoleTextActionSimple actionGridMove = new ConsoleTextActionSimple("%un moves.")
bool displayLearning = true
ConsoleRange learningRange = new ConsoleRange()
bool ownLearningGroupNames = false
CombatantNamesDisplay learningGroupNames = new CombatantNamesDisplay()
ConsoleTextLearning learnAbilityTree = new ConsoleTextLearning("%un learns %n.")
ConsoleTextLearning learnAbility = new ConsoleTextLearning("%un learns %n")
ConsoleTextGroupLearning learnGroupAbility = new ConsoleTextGroupLearning("%un learn %n")
ConsoleTextCrafting learnCraftingRecipe = new ConsoleTextCrafting("%un receives %n.")
ConsoleTextLearning learnLog = new ConsoleTextLearning("%un learns %n.")
ConsoleTextLearning learnLogUpdate = new ConsoleTextLearning("%n updated.")
bool displayForgetting = true
ConsoleRange forgettingRange = new ConsoleRange()
bool ownForgettingGroupNames = false
CombatantNamesDisplay forgettingGroupNames = new CombatantNamesDisplay()
ConsoleTextLearning forgetAbilityTree = new ConsoleTextLearning("%un forgets %n.")
ConsoleTextLearning forgetAbility = new ConsoleTextLearning("%un forgets %n.")
ConsoleTextGroupLearning forgetGroupAbility = new ConsoleTextGroupLearning("%un forget %n")
ConsoleTextCrafting forgetCraftingRecipe = new ConsoleTextCrafting("%un removes %n.")
ConsoleTextLearning forgetLog = new ConsoleTextLearning("%un forgets %n.")
ConsoleTextLearning forgetLogUpdate = new ConsoleTextLearning("%n updated.")
bool displayStatus = true
ConsoleRange statusRange = new ConsoleRange()
ConsoleTextStatusValue statusIncreaseSV = new ConsoleTextStatusValue("%un +% %n.")
ConsoleTextStatusValue statusDecreaseSV = new ConsoleTextStatusValue("%un -% %n.")
ConsoleTextStatusValue statusSetSV = new ConsoleTextStatusValue("%un %n set to %.")
ConsoleTextStatusEffect statusApplyEffect = new ConsoleTextStatusEffect("%n added to %un.")
ConsoleTextStatusEffect statusReapplyEffect = new ConsoleTextStatusEffect("%n renewed on %un.")
ConsoleTextStatusEffect statusMissEffect = new ConsoleTextStatusEffect(false, "%n failed on %un.")
ConsoleTextStatusEffect statusRemoveEffect = new ConsoleTextStatusEffect("%n removed from %un.")
bool displayLevelUp = true
ConsoleRange levelUpRange = new ConsoleRange()
ConsoleTextLevelUp levelUp = new ConsoleTextLevelUp("%un reaches level %.")
ConsoleTextLevelUp levelUpClass = new ConsoleTextLevelUp("%un reaches class level %.")
ConsoleTextLevelUp levelUpAbility = new ConsoleTextLevelUp("%un %n reaches level %.")
ConsoleTextLevelUp levelUpWeapon = new ConsoleTextLevelUp("%un %n reaches level %.")
ConsoleTextLevelUp levelUpArmor = new ConsoleTextLevelUp("%un %n reaches level %.")
bool displayInventory = true
bool ownInventoryOwnerNames = false
CombatantNamesDisplay inventoryOwnerNames = new CombatantNamesDisplay()
ConsoleTextInventory inventoryAddItem = new ConsoleTextInventory("%un finds %n (%).")
ConsoleTextInventory inventoryRemoveItem = new ConsoleTextInventory("%un drops %n (%).")
ConsoleTextInventory inventoryAddCurrency = new ConsoleTextInventory("%un finds %n (%).")
ConsoleTextInventory inventoryRemoveCurrency = new ConsoleTextInventory("%un drops %n (%).")
ConsoleTextInventory inventorySetCurrency = new ConsoleTextInventory("%un %n set to %.")
ConsoleTextInventory inventoryAddWeapon = new ConsoleTextInventory("%un finds %n (%).")
ConsoleTextInventory inventoryRemoveWeapon = new ConsoleTextInventory("%un drops %n (%).")
ConsoleTextDurability durabilityIncreaseWeapon = new ConsoleTextDurability("%un's %n increased to %.")
ConsoleTextDurability durabilityDecreaseWeapon = new ConsoleTextDurability("%un's %n dropped to %.")
ConsoleTextDurability durabilityOutwornWeapon = new ConsoleTextDurability("%un's %n is outworn.")
ConsoleTextInventory inventoryAddArmor = new ConsoleTextInventory("%un finds %n (%).")
ConsoleTextInventory inventoryRemoveArmor = new ConsoleTextInventory("%un drops %n (%).")
ConsoleTextDurability durabilityIncreaseArmor = new ConsoleTextDurability("%un's %n increased to %.")
ConsoleTextDurability durabilityDecreaseArmor = new ConsoleTextDurability("%un's %n dropped to %.")
ConsoleTextDurability durabilityOutwornArmor = new ConsoleTextDurability("%un's %n is outworn.")
ConsoleTextAI aiBehaviourAdd = new ConsoleTextAI("%n (%) added.")
ConsoleTextAI aiBehaviourRemove = new ConsoleTextAI("%n (%) removed.")
ConsoleTextAI aiRulesetAdd = new ConsoleTextAI("%n (%) added.")
ConsoleTextAI aiRulesetRemove = new ConsoleTextAI("%n (%) removed.")
bool displayQuests = true
bool displayInitialTasks = false
ConsoleTextLearning addQuest = new ConsoleTextLearning("'%n' added.")
ConsoleTextLearning removeQuest = new ConsoleTextLearning("'%n' removed.")
ConsoleTextLearning inactivateQuest = new ConsoleTextLearning("'%n' is inactive.")
ConsoleTextLearning activateQuest = new ConsoleTextLearning("'%n' is active.")
ConsoleTextLearning finishQuest = new ConsoleTextLearning("'%n' finished.")
ConsoleTextLearning failQuest = new ConsoleTextLearning("'%n' failed.")
ConsoleTextLearning inactivateTask = new ConsoleTextLearning("Task '%n' removed.")
ConsoleTextLearning activateTask = new ConsoleTextLearning("Task '%n' added.")
ConsoleTextLearning finishTask = new ConsoleTextLearning("Task '%n' finished.")
ConsoleTextLearning failTask = new ConsoleTextLearning("Task '%n' failed.")
bool displayResearch = true
ConsoleTextLearning addResearchTree = new ConsoleTextLearning("%un learns %n.")
ConsoleTextLearning removeResearchTree = new ConsoleTextLearning("%un forgets %n.")
ConsoleTextResearchItem startResearch = new ConsoleTextResearchItem("%un started researching %n.")
ConsoleTextResearchItem cancelResearch = new ConsoleTextResearchItem("%un canceled researching %n.")
ConsoleTextResearchItem finishResearch = new ConsoleTextResearchItem("%un finished researching %n.")
bool displayPlayerGroup = true
ConsoleTextCombatant joinGroup = new ConsoleTextCombatant("%n joins the group.")
ConsoleTextCombatant leaveGroup = new ConsoleTextCombatant("%n leaves the group.")


override string FILENAME [get]
override int Count [get]
- Properties inherited from ORKFramework.CoreSettings
abstract string FILENAME [get]
 Gets the filename used for saving the settings. More...
abstract int Count [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ Add()

override int ORKFramework.ConsoleSettings.Add ( )

Adds new data.

Implements ORKFramework.CoreSettings.

◆ Copy()

override int ORKFramework.ConsoleSettings.Copy ( int  index)

Creates a copy of the data with the specified index.

indexThe data index.

Implements ORKFramework.CoreSettings.

◆ GetName()

override string ORKFramework.ConsoleSettings.GetName ( int  index)

Gets the name of a data.

The name.
indexThe data index.

Implements ORKFramework.CoreSettings.

◆ GetNames()

override string [] ORKFramework.ConsoleSettings.GetNames ( bool  addIndex)

Gets a list of names of all data.

The list of names.
addIndexIf true, the index of the data will be added to the names.

Implements ORKFramework.CoreSettings.

◆ Move()

override void ORKFramework.ConsoleSettings.Move ( int  index,
bool  down 

Moves the data with the specified index.

indexThe data index.
downIf true, the data will be moved down.

Implements ORKFramework.CoreSettings.

◆ Remove()

override void ORKFramework.ConsoleSettings.Remove ( int  index)

Removes the data with the specified index.

indexThe data index.

Implements ORKFramework.CoreSettings.

◆ SetData()

override void ORKFramework.ConsoleSettings.SetData ( DataObject  data)

Sets the variables of the class using a ORKFramework.DataObject.

dataORKFramework.DataObject containing the data.

Reimplemented from ORKFramework.CoreSettings.

◆ SetRealIDs()

override void ORKFramework.ConsoleSettings.SetRealIDs ( )

Sets the RealID values (indexes).

Implements ORKFramework.CoreSettings.