ORK Framework  2.29.0
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ORKFramework.DialogueContent Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ORKFramework.DialogueContent:

Public Member Functions

 DialogueContent (string text, string name, ChoiceContent[] choice, IChoice ci)
 DialogueContent (string text, string name, ChoiceContent[] choice, IChoice ci, int startSelection)
 DialogueContent (string text, string name, ChoiceContent[] choice, IChoice ci, int startSelection, IPortrait speakerPortrait)
void Update (string text, string name, ChoiceContent[] choice, int startSelection, IPortrait speakerPortrait, bool resetScrollPosition)
void UpdateChoice (ChoiceContent[] choice, bool resetScrollPosition)
void SetPortraitPosition (PortraitPosition portraitPosition)
override void Tick ()
override void OkPressed (bool fireOnClick)
override bool ExternalOk ()
override void CancelPressed (bool fireOnClick)
override void Closed ()
override void FocusGained ()
override DragInfo GetDragOnPosition (Vector2 position)
override bool CheckDrop (DragInfo drag, Vector2 position, ref GUIBoxAudioType playDropAudio)
override IContentSimple GetTooltip (Vector2 position)
Combatant GetChoiceCombatant (int index)
override IContentSimple GetSelectedTooltip ()
override bool MouseOverSelection (Vector2 position)
override bool CheckClick (Vector2 position, float releasedAfter, ref bool clickConsumed, ref bool toForeground)
override void SetTabs (ChoiceContent[] tabs, int selection)
override void Init (GUIBox box)
override void CreateNewUI ()
void ChoiceClicked (int index)
void TabClicked (int index)
void Recalculate ()
override void ShowBefore ()
override void ShowAfter ()
override void ShowWindow ()
override void ShowSelectionIcon ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ORKFramework.GUIBoxContent
virtual void RegisterChanges ()
virtual void UnregisterChanges ()
virtual void Clear ()
virtual void CheckScrollKey ()
virtual void InitTabs (ChoiceContent[] tabs, ref ChoiceContent tabsLeftArrow, ref ChoiceContent tabsRightArrow, ref Rect textBounds, ref Rect tabsContentBounds, ref Rect tabsBounds, ref bool tabsScrollButtons, ref float tabsHeight, ref int tabsScrollOffset)
void CreateTabsObjects (Rect tabsContentBounds, Rect tabsBounds, ChoiceContent[] tabs, bool tabsScrollButtons, ChoiceContent leftArrow, ChoiceContent rightArrow, int scrollOffset, ButtonClick callback)
void InitializePortrait (IPortrait portrait)
void ClearInitializedPortraits ()
void StorePortraitsUpdate ()
void ClearPortraitsUpdate ()
void CreatePortraitObject (IPortrait portrait, PortraitPosition portraitPosition)
void OkCancelPressed (int index)
void ShowButtons ()
virtual void FocusLost ()
virtual void CheckUnfocusedClick ()
void SetName (string newName)
void ShowName ()
void CalculateName ()
virtual void GetInBoxPosition (ref Vector2 position)
 Transforms a screen position to box-content position. More...
virtual void GetOutOfBoxPosition (ref Vector2 position)
 Transforms an box-content position to screen position. More...
virtual bool InBox (Vector2 position)
virtual bool InContentBounds (Vector2 position)
bool CheckDragWindow (Vector2 position)
virtual IContentSimple GetTabTooltip (Vector2 position, ChoiceContent[] tabs, Rect contentBounds, Rect bounds, int scrollOffset)
virtual void OutOfBoxClick (Vector2 position)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void SetChoiceTimeout ()
void RegisterUpdates ()
void UnregisterUpdates ()
bool CheckTickUpdate ()
void UpdateScrollPosition ()
void UpdateSelectedPosition (bool add)
void ChangeSelectionHorizontal (int add)
void ChangeSelectionVertical (int add)
void ChangeSelection (int add)
void UpdatePortrait ()
void CalculateContent (float baseWidth, bool recalced)
virtual void CreateDataContent (HUDWrapperPlacement placement, ref float contentHeight, Rect textBounds)
IEnumerator NewUIFirstHighlight ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ORKFramework.GUIBoxContent
virtual bool IsInterfaceTick ()
void AdjustVerticalContentPosition (float change)
virtual bool IsContentVisible (Rect bounds)
virtual void StartTextTyping ()
virtual void TextTypingFinished ()
virtual void TextTypingTick (MultiContent content)
GameObject UpdatePanel ()
void CalculateButtons ()
void CreateNewUIButtons ()
void DrawChoiceIcon (Rect choiceRect)

Protected Attributes

bool resetScrollPosition = true
string text = ""
MultiContent content
HeaderContent header
ChoiceContent [] choice
ChoiceContent [] oldChoice
HUDWrapper data
bool markUpdate = false
bool newUIFirstHighlight = false
bool disabledChoiceIcon = false
bool allowChoiceDragSort = false
IPortrait setPortrait
PortraitPosition setPortraitPosition
IPortrait portrait
PortraitPosition portraitPosition
int maxCol = 0
int colCount = 0
float choiceTimeout = 0
bool choiceHolding = false
Vector2 circlePosition = Vector2.zero
float angleOffset = 0
bool circleInterpolation = false
ChoiceContent [] tabs
Rect tabsContentBounds
Rect tabsBounds
bool tabsScrollButtons = false
int tabsScrollOffset = 0
ChoiceContent tabsLeftArrow
ChoiceContent tabsRightArrow
- Protected Attributes inherited from ORKFramework.GUIBoxContent
GUIBox box
IChoice controlInterface
bool newContent = true
int selection = 0
int tabsSelection = 0
float tabsTopOffset = 0
string name = ""
bool newName = false
MultiContent nameContent
int typingIndex = 0
bool isTyping = false
float typingInterval = 0
float typingAudioInterval = 0
GUIBoxButtons okCancelSettings
ChoiceContent ok
ChoiceContent cancel
Vector2 scroll = Vector2.zero
Rect contentBounds
Rect scrollRect
bool iconFadingBack = false
Vector2 iconFadePos = Vector2.zero
float iconTime = 0
List< IPortraitportraitsInitialized
List< IPortraitportraitsClearUpdate
GameObject contentObject
GameObject scrollObject
GameObject scrollbarObject
GameObject tabsContent
RectTransform tabsRect
RectTransform scrollRectTransform
RectTransform choiceIconObject
GameObject portraitWrapper


HeaderContent Header [get, set]
HUDWrapper Data [get, set]
bool DisabledChoiceIcon [get, set]
bool AllowChoiceDragSort [get, set]
override int? Selection [get, set]
- Properties inherited from ORKFramework.GUIBoxContent
GUIBox Box [get, set]
IChoice ControlInterface [get, set]
bool NewContent [get, set]
bool NewName [get, set]
Vector2 Scroll [get, set]
virtual bool IsTooltip [get]
virtual int Selection [get, set]
virtual int TabsSelection [get]