ORK Framework  2.29.0
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ORKFramework.Events.GlobalEvent Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ORKFramework.Events.GlobalEvent:
ORKFramework.BaseIndexData ORKFramework.Events.IEventStarter ORKFramework.BaseData ORKFramework.IBaseData

Public Member Functions

 GlobalEvent (string n)
override void SetData (DataObject data)
 Sets the variables of the class using a ORKFramework.DataObject. More...
void LoadEvent ()
bool IsCallType ()
bool IsAutoType ()
bool IsKeyType ()
bool IsSceneType ()
bool IsFinished ()
void Tick (float delta)
bool Call ()
bool Call (object startingObject)
void EventEnded ()
void DontDestroy ()
void OnSceneLoaded ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ORKFramework.BaseData
virtual DataObject GetData ()
 Gets a ORKFramework.DataObject representing the class. More...
virtual void EditorAutoSetup (string fieldName)
 Called for all fields using the autoSetup option of the ORKFramework.ORKEditorLayoutAttribute. More...

Public Attributes

string name = ""
AssetSource< ORKGameEventeventAsset = new AssetSource<ORKGameEvent>()
GlobalEventType type = GlobalEventType.Call
float timeout = 1
int keyID = 0
bool inOldScene = false
bool beforeFade = false
SceneLoadType sceneLoadType = SceneLoadType.All
GameState gameState = new GameState()
VariableCondition variables = new VariableCondition()


GameObject GameObject [get]
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virtual int RealID [get, set]
- Properties inherited from ORKFramework.Events.IEventStarter
GameObject GameObject [get]

Additional Inherited Members

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int realID = 0

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetData()

override void ORKFramework.Events.GlobalEvent.SetData ( DataObject  data)

Sets the variables of the class using a ORKFramework.DataObject.

dataORKFramework.DataObject containing the data.

Reimplemented from ORKFramework.BaseData.