ORK Framework  2.34.0
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ORKFramework.IInventoryShortcut Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for ORKFramework.IInventoryShortcut:
ORKFramework.IShortcut ORKFramework.IGUID ORKFramework.IMarkNewContent ORKFramework.IVariableSource ORKFramework.ITimestamp ORKFramework.IContent ORKFramework.ISaveData ORKFramework.CoreIShortcut ORKFramework.IPreviewable ORKFramework.IPortraitContent ORKFramework.IContentSimple ORKFramework.IContent ORKFramework.IContentSimple ORKFramework.AIBehaviourShortcut ORKFramework.AIRulesetShortcut ORKFramework.CraftingRecipeShortcut ORKFramework.EquipShortcut ORKFramework.ItemShortcut ORKFramework.MoneyShortcut ORKFramework.ShopWrapperShortcut

Public Member Functions

IInventoryShortcut Split (int newQuantity)
float GetOccupiedSpace (int quantity)
bool MarkFirstAdd ()
bool MarkEachAdd ()
bool MarkEachChange ()
bool UnmarkView (Combatant owner, int unmarkID)
bool UnmarkSelection (Combatant owner, int unmarkID)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ORKFramework.IShortcut
IShortcut GetCopy (int quantity)
bool IsEqual (IShortcut shortcut)
int BuyPrice (Combatant user)
int SellPrice (Combatant user)
string FormatQuantity (int quantity)
ShortcutHUDWrapper GetDrag (Combatant user)
bool IsUseable (UseableIn useIn)
bool CanUse (Combatant combatant, bool checkTime, bool checkUseCosts)
bool IsDropable ()
bool Use (Combatant user, List< Combatant > targets, bool useAction)
List< CombatantGetPossibleTargets (Combatant user, List< Combatant > available)
bool CanTarget (Combatant user, Combatant target)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ORKFramework.IContent
IContentSimple GetTypeContent ()
string GetInfo (Combatant c)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ORKFramework.IContentSimple
string GetName ()
string GetShortName ()
string GetDescription ()
string GetIconTextCode ()
Texture GetIcon ()
GUIContent GetContent ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ORKFramework.ISaveData
DataObject SaveGame ()
 Used to save the data - you need to add the data to a ORKFramework.DataObject. More...
void LoadGame (DataObject data)
 Used to load the data - you need to get the data from the ORKFramework.DataObject. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ORKFramework.IPreviewable
StatusPreview GetPreview (Combatant combatant, PreviewSelection selectedPreview)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ORKFramework.IPortraitContent
IPortrait GetPortrait (int typeID)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ORKFramework.IMarkNewContent
void UnmarkID (int id)


int ItemTypeID [get]
InventoryAddType InventoryAddType [get]
bool InventorySpacePerStack [get]
int StackLimit [get]
bool Stealable [get]
bool Sellable [get]
- Properties inherited from ORKFramework.IShortcut
int Quantity [get, set]
string QuantityFormatted [get]
- Properties inherited from ORKFramework.IContent
int TypeID [get]
- Properties inherited from ORKFramework.IContentSimple
int ID [get]
- Properties inherited from ORKFramework.IGUID
string GUID [get, set]
- Properties inherited from ORKFramework.IMarkNewContent
bool IsNewContent [get, set]
- Properties inherited from ORKFramework.IVariableSource
bool HasVariables [get]
VariableHandler Variables [get]
- Properties inherited from ORKFramework.ITimestamp
float Timestamp [get, set]


NotifyShortcut QuantityChanged